I hope this note finds you all well, you’ve enjoyed another great summer, and are ramping up for the upcoming winter season!
On August 24th, I emailed out a summer update and posted it to the USSMA website.  I hope that most of you received the email and are aware of the information I communicated (if your not already, sign up for our newsletter).  Because there are some changes with the growth of the sport and the USSMA, I’m reaching out again with some additional information.


In regard to races, the USSMA is focused on providing Race Director’s / LOC’s guidance, resources, and tools to put on a high-quality races which will attract participants.  Participants will, in turn, get a high-quality race experience which follows consistent ISMF/USSMA modeled race formats and rules.  A new Race Director packed was created and distributed to Race Directors and they will be required to apply for USSMA sanctioning and to be included in the National Cup Series.  If you haven’t already, please be sure to read all the information on the website under Race & Events.  
Race Directors – Please be sure to submit race sanctioning applications as soon as possible.
The 2018 North American Championships will be in Canada this season.  Ken Jones Classic – March 23, 24, 25 2018, Lake Louise. SPRINT, INDIVIDUAL, TEAMS.  Mark your calendars!
I hope to see you all out racing this season!  


Beyond racing, there is much the USSMA needs to do to get organized to support a sport with a path to the Olympics.  Much of my focus over the summer has been on getting the USSMA organized and ready to move forward.  This includes establishing official bylaws, getting our 501c3 status reinstated, and applying to the USOC to become the official US National Governing Body in preparation for the 2020 Youth Olympic Games and hopefully 2022 Beijing Olympics.
As for the bylaws, I’ve been working with the USOC in order to meet their important requirements for NGB’s and have been fortunate enough to secure the assistance of a great attorney that previously worked for them.  USSMA bylaws have now been officially adopted, as of September 25th, 2017.  It’s a long time coming and will help facilitate our growth forward.   
Please take a look at the About USSMA page on the website where you can find a link to the bylaws.  
The bylaws provide appropriate organizational structure for us as we develop into a true National Governing Body.  With this structure there are many committees and roles that will need to be filled, starting with a Nominating and Governance Committee.  It will take some time to get all committes filled and up and running, but I’m excited to have the structure established to facilitate moving us forward.
Please reach out to me if you have any interest in participating on any of the committees or want to assist in any capacity.
The USSMA board has put in a lot of effort over the summer to position ourselves to support the growth of the sport and our road to the Olympics.  I look forward to continued progress and participation from our skimo community.
Bring on the snow!  Ram

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