Do you want to be on the USSMA Athlete Advisory Committee?

We are reaching out again to solicit interest…

The new committee, based on our new bylaws, will be made up of five USSMA athlete members.  The USSMA is helping to establish the new committee by first finding interested athletes and then conducting a USSMA member athlete vote. Once five members are voted in, the members will vote the Chair to head the committee.  The AAC will then run itself ongoing and have a voice to the USSMA.

I do want to be sure all candidates are fully up to speed on the USSMA and have read our bylaws.  It’s important because it defines how the USSMA runs and most of its content is based on US Olympic Committee / Ted Stevens Act requirements.  A copy is on the website ( for everyone’s reading pleasure.  AAC info is in Section 20, page 43.  Certainly let me know if you have questions.

PLEASE PROVIDE the following information…by Sunday, January 28th…to be considered as a candidate.

  • Confirmation you’ve reviewed the USSMA bylaws and are also aware of the Ted Stevens Act.
  • Confirmation that you are a current USSMA member, by providing your license #.
  • Send info about why you want to be on the committee.  This info will be provided for members to read about candidates when voting.  Your commitment, interest, and ability to actively participate are important.  Less important is your level of racing.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ram & the USSMA Board

(Emailed Jan 26th to entire email list.)

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