Winter Update

Here we are in the thick of the winter and there have already been dozens of races all over the country.  It’s been quite the interesting snow / weather season, but the race scene continues to grow.  Congrats to all the athletes, race directors, fans, etc!  I hope you’re all enjoying the race season! 

2018 National Champions

Thanks to the Powder Keg team for hosting the National Championships and putting on amazing races!  

Of note…  There were 25 youth athletes from ages 9 to 17 representing three different youth development programs!


  • Senior Men – Tom Goth
  • Senior Women – Sarah Cookler
  • Junior Met- Henry Boyd
  • Cadet Men – Finnegan Remias
  • Cadet Women – Victoria Olson


  • Senior Men Open – John Gaston
  • Senior Women Open – Janelle Smiley
  • Junior Met- Henry Boyd
  • Junior Woment – N/A
  • Espoir Men – Arthur Whitehead
  • Espoir Woment – N/A
  • Master Men – Jon Brown
  • Master Women – Holly Hagerman
  • Cadet Men – Max Bonenberger
  • Cadet Women – Grace Staberg


  • Senior Men – John Gasgon / Max Taam
  • Senior Women – Caroline Gleich / Kathryn Bowman

ISMF 2018 Pan American Championships – Ken Jones Classic

March 23 – Vertical Race
March 24 – Sprint Race
March 25 – Individual Race
Click here for Info and Registration. 

USSMA Points (as of 3/2)

Updated online HERE. 

ISMF 2019 World Championships

Location and dates announced…

  • Villars sur Ollons Switzerland
  • March 9-16, 2019

More info to come on USSMA National / Worlds Team qualification process.  We are currently aiming for two qualification weekends in Dec/Jan of next season.  It will likely be similar to 2016/17 where we have two races at each venue to qualify athletes for the disciplines of Individual, Vertical, Sprint, and Teams.

Athlete Advisory Committee

Thanks to all athletes that participated in the candidate, election, and voting process.  The new AAC is listed below.  Look forward to further communication from the team over the coming year and feel free to reach out to them.
Milan Kubala – Vermont (Chair)
Michela Adrian – Montana 
Patrick Woods – Colorado
Jaime Brede – Colorado
Eric Carter – Living in Canada, from Minnesota

Membership Update

We now have 197 members signed up!

Ram and the USSMA Board

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