Shorter days = we’re getting closer to skimo season!

As mentioned in the last email, the board has been updated.  The new members bring diversity, new energy, expertise, and new / fresh perspectives. 

Here’s a look at the updated USSMA board.  Please welcome the new board members!

  • Ram Mikulas (President)  
  • Matt Hickey (VP)
  • Jonathan Shefftz (Treasurer) – NEW
  • Nick Francis (Secretary)
  • Chad Brackelsberg 
  • Jerimy Arnold – NEW
  • Nikki LaRochelle – NEW
  • Sam Bass – NEW
  • Eric Henderson – NEW
  • Katie Burbank – NEW

Also mentioned in the prior email, the USSMA has established “Standing Committees” (required by USOC) and “Functional Committees”.  These committees steer the direction of the USSMA by setting goals and accomplishing tasks in collaboration with the USSMA Board.

Here’s a look at the USSMA Committees and Chairs (leaders).

Committees – Chairs 

  • Nominating & Governance – Ram Mikulas
  • Ethics – Jerimy Arnold
  • Financial – Jonathan Shefftz
  • Judicial – Brad LaRochelle
  • Athlete Advisory – Milan Kubla
  • Race – Nick Francis
  • Development, Fundraising & Membership – Ram Mikulas
  • Sport & Performance – Joe Howdyshell
  • Marketing – Eric Henderson
  • Worlds – Matt Hickey

The formalization of the USSMA has been a long time coming.  We are now well positioned to move the organization forward while supporting our mission, “to promote and grow the sport of ski mountaineering racing in the United States.  The USSMA sanctions and governs competitive ski mountaineering racing in the US and promotes and fosters recreational ski mountaineering through access, resources, education and community.  It also endeavors to enable United States athletes to achieve competitive excellence in the sport of ski mountaineering.”

These updates and the Strategic Plan can be seen on the website.

Let is snow…soon.


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