Spring Update & Future Focus…
As you all know, the world championships wrapped up last month. We ended up having 35 athletes along with another 60ish family and friends. The venue was great for logistics and viewing but a little lack luster for actual courses (although there was one amazing tight and spicy couloir boot pack). The athletes worked hard and produced some very good results and then family and friends were great support and enjoyed themselves. The US finished 7th overall, out of 31 nations. The Cadets finished 5th overall, earning two more spots to the Youth Olympic Games! We now have the max quota of 4 athletes (2women/2men). More on YOG’s below. Overall, a great success!

Over the season, the USSMA has poured a significant amount of time and energy into coordination and logistics of the qualifying races and worlds preparation. It’s now time to get back on track with all the other many important items we have on our list.

Below is a short list of priorities we will focus on in the coming future.

Annual Summer Board Meeting
The board will be meeting in June this year to hold the annual board meeting. The meeting will review a recap of the season and discuss future strategies and goals. Portions of the meeting will be open to members, so if you’re intestested in joining in, please reach out.

Winter Youth Olympic Games- Lausanne Switzerland Jan 9-22, 2020
We’ve been working with the ISMF and USOC and our four spots have been approved. We now have a delegate from the USOC NGB group to work with to prepare for the Games and complete the many items that need to be done. While we’ll just have four athletes attending, their are many logistics to plan for and execute. To manage this, we will be creating a USSMA YOG’s Committee. HELP WANTED! If you have interest in being on the committee, please reach out. We need people with relevant experience and knowledge, with a high level of interest, and are willing to put in time assisting. Some of the duties will include attending committee meetings, particpating in discussion and providing input and taking action, assisting with creation of staff and athlete selection criteria, and communicating with the board on progress. The committee will be formed as soon as the beginning of May and will include a decent amount of participation in May to get things going. Please reach out if you are interested.

USOC Registered Sport Organization
This is the official designation the USOC gives to non-Olympic sports. When/if skimo becomes an Olympic sport, this designation would then change to National Governing Body (only Olympic sports get a National Governing Body designation). The USSMA continues working on the lengthy application. Once the application is turned in to the USOC it will likely take 6-9 months to be approved, as there are many steps of review and includes a public hearing. Since we modeled our bylaws off the USOC template to be compliant and are already working with them, we hope this will go a little faster.

FUNDRAISING! (Development, Fundraising, and Membership Committee)
There are so many great items, ideas, and initiatives throughout committees, but the limiting factor at the moment is still funding. HELP WANTED! We are still looking for someone with experience to take the Chair (lead). Over the last year, we made a fundraising push with the development of a presentation and list of possible companies to reach out to. However, talking with some folks, we realize this is going to take a larger effort by someone that knows fundraising and can put time into it. Do you know anyone with experience that would be willing to help? Please reach out if you or someone you know is interested.

2019 ISMF Plenary Assembly – Turkey Oct 2019
More info to come, but this is the annual meeting of member nations with the ISMF. The ISMF will present their prior year results, financials, etc. and the upcoming year(s) strategic plan, etc. This is also a time where ISMF structure and race rules are reviewed and changes voted upon. After participating last year in Poland, we’ve learned this is a very good opportunity for the USSMA to network with the ISMF and other nations, get more involved, and voice our views and opinions. We plan to have at least one USSMA board member attend.

2020 ISMF Plenary Assembly – Summit County, CO USA Oct 2020
Yep that’s right, the USSMA will host the 2020 ISMF Plenary Assembly! This is a huge opportunity for the USSMA and USA skimo to showcase who we are, how we’re growing, and how we plan to be a big player in the sport going forward.

Congrats to ALL athletes that have raced this season, with all the snow and great racing, it was certainly a memorable one! Have a great spring and enjoy the corn skiing and the desert and beach trips!


2019 USSMA Member Demographics: 

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