• Event Time 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Event Start Date December 14, 2018

Big thanks to Arapahoe Basin for hosting this event!!!



National Team qualifier results will be reviewed in detail for the Abasin Vertical and Individual as well as the Sunlight Sprint and Individual (team selection) races.  Athletes earning confirmed spots on the team will be notified by an official email from the USSMA after the Sunlight races, as indicated in the 2019 World Championships selection Criteria and Guide

“Final selections will be made after the Qualifier #2 races after which formal 2019 World Team
invitations will be sent out to those racers who have qualified. Selected racers will have 1 week to
accept their invitation. If the racer does not acknowledge and confirm their selection they will forfeit
their spot.”

This vertical race will determine who qualifies for the USSMA Worlds Team for the “VERTICAL RACE” discipline.

Race Designations…
< USSMA Worlds Team Qualifier Race
> USSMA National Cup Series Race
> ISMF Pan American Cup Series Race
COSMIC is the official Race Organizer and will be working closely with USSMA, ISMF, and Abasin.


REGISTRATION NOW OPEN.  A USSMA membership / license is required to compete in the USSMA / ISMF Race Divisions, and are the only divisions competing to qualify for the USSMA National / Worlds Team.  An ISMF license is not required.
You may register in person on Friday for the vertical and individual race.  You cannot register in person on Saturday for the individual race.


USSMA / ISMF Race Divisions: (male/female for each) *USSMA member / license REQUIRED (ISMF license not needed).

  • Cadet (U17)
  • Junior (18, 19, 20)
  • Espoir (21, 22, 23)
  • Open (21+)
  • Masters (45+)


Recreation Divisions: (male/female for each) *No USSMA member / license needed.

  • Youth (U17)
  • Adult (21+)



For the 2018/19 season, your racing age is the age you will be on Dec 31st 2019.  For example, if a kid is currently 17, but will be 18 by the end of the year, their racing age is 18 and they will need to sign up for a Junior (18,19,20) member/license.

Tentative Schedule:
Fri Dec 14th – Vertical Race
> 2-3:30pm On site registration – 2nd floor (north end) of the main lodge
> 3:30pm Mandatory Racer meeting  – 2nd floor (north end) of the main lodge
> 4:30pm Women / 4:40pm Men Vertical Race start
> 5:45pm Awards / racer updates for Sat Individual race


Sat Dec 15th – Individual Race
> 5:45-6:45am On site check in (NO DAY OF REG) – 2nd floor (north end) of the main lodge
> 6:55am Final race instruction – start line
> 7am Individual Race start
> 11am Awards
**The individual race will be technical and include multiple boot packs and one via ferrata section.


Sun Dec 16th – USSMA/ISMF Youth Development Clinic
> 7-9am On site check in / registration 
> 9-11am On hill clinic
> 11am-1pm Indoor video review and lunch 
> 1-4pm On hill clinic


Please click above to see full gear requirements and rules.

Course – Approximately 1600 vertical feet.  Starts at the ski area base and finishes at the top.